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Evolutionary Home is Arizona’s Leader in Energy Audits, Energy Retrofits, and Green Remodeling

Greenmodel is a full-service remodeling company with a green ethic. We use effective and sustainable products and practices to improve your comfort and air quality, lower your utility bills, and upgrade the look or the equipment in your home or business. We’ll also help you harvest the substantial federal, local, and utility incentives for going green.

Evolutionary Home can:

  • Save you money
  • Get you tax credits and rebates
  • Help you live more green
  • Remodel or update your home or business
  • Fix a problem with your home or business

Evolutionary Home is dedicated to helping you create a healthier, smarter, more responsible way of life. Call Evolutionary Home today and let us show you how to take advantage of the available programs and incentives to make your environment a little greener.

Now is a Great Time to Go Green

There have never been so many financial incentives for going green. The recent surge in funding has occurred because energy efficiency is an investment that pays off for utilities and consumers alike. Your investment in energy efficiency will reward you quickly in utility savings. In the process, you’ll be helping your community in a number of important ways – such as supporting the local economy, consuming less fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing peak demand for electricity.