2022 Trends: The Rise of Luxury Outdoor Spaces

The Rise of Luxury Outdoor Spaces

The year 2022 is witnessing a surge in the popularity of luxury outdoor spaces as people continue to spend more of their leisure time at home. With a desire for their outdoor areas to complement their comfortable lifestyles, homeowners are seeking outdoor spaces that cater to their needs.

The trend of cooking outdoors, which gained traction over the past year and a half, is expected to grow even more popular. As individuals spend the majority of their free time at home, outdoor kitchens are becoming sought-after features. From satellite kitchens that serve as an extension of the indoor kitchen to independent kitchens equipped with all the necessary appliances, sinks, and prep space, homeowners are increasingly requesting outdoor cooking and dining spaces.

As outdoor activities become more prevalent, there is a growing need for privacy, shade, and protection from the elements. Whether it's a secluded area for uninterrupted yoga sessions or a workspace shielded from harsh glare, a combination of landscaping, hardscaping, and furniture can provide the desired sanctuary. Moreover, innovative interior design techniques are being applied outdoors. For instance, tiled accent walls can create the illusion of an outdoor room, replicating the aesthetic appeal typically found indoors.

With the integration of outdoor living into everyday life, people are looking to incorporate technology into their outdoor spaces. Activities like streaming movies and working from home have led to the installation of Wi-Fi boosters, extending the wireless signal outdoors. The seamless integration of technology into outdoor living spaces allows for a cohesive look without drastically altering the layout. However, there is also a growing trend of creating entirely new spaces, such as outdoor theaters and home offices.

While outdoor work surfaces are gaining popularity, technology isn't limited to practical applications. Incorporating music systems and televisions remains one of the top tech requests for outdoor spaces. Additionally, aesthetic updates like LED color-changing technology are being embraced.

Enhancing outdoor comfort and prolonging outdoor stays are key priorities for homeowners. Products such as fire pits, misters, throw blankets, and outdoor fans are in high demand as they transform occasional outdoor spaces into everyday living areas.

All the top outdoor living design trends for 2022 focus on improving the comfort, functionality, and quality of outdoor spaces. By seamlessly blending the best elements of indoor living with the beauty of nature, these trends are enhancing the outdoor living experience. 

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