Here Are The Upcoming Kitchen & Bathroom Trends In Modern Luxury Interior Design

Upcoming Modern Luxury Interior Design Trends

The need to maximize and enable efficient use of all space in a home has never been stronger, as homeowners seek to make their homes truly complete. Our design team is based on research and opinions from in-house experts, who concluded that yearning for larger areas that can serve multiple functions with a focus on storage, wellness, and technology is the direction homeowners want their interior environments to go. From incorporating technology into showers, tubs, kitchen islands, medical grade countertops and hygienic surfaces; to considering innovative lighting options, luxurious wet rooms, voice activated faucets and even multi-level cooking spaces; our designers will identify all of your needs for functional aesthetics and lifestyle elements unique to you. Let us help you consider custom cabinetry with adjustable shelves or heated flooring to create that highly specialized approach in achieving optimal use of your space. Click here to request your free Idea Session today.



Homeowners are becoming savvier with their kitchen designs, and many desire to have a space that is visually open and inviting but also flexible enough to keep clutter at bay. By opting for popular designs such as large islands that can double as a dining area, tearing down walls between the kitchen and other home spaces, adding a working pantry, opting for easy-to-clean flooring, creating outdoor living areas, and ensuring sanitary countertops, homeowners can create stunning kitchens that cater to all their lifestyle needs while also looking good.


When it comes to desirable kitchen styles, this year designers are turning to transitional, contemporary, modern, organic/natural and farmhouse designs. White is a popular choice since it pairs well with cozy earthy tones like greens and blues, while metallic accents can introduce either a glamorous or rustic touch. To liven up a space, one should consider brightening it up with a bold backsplash, pieces of artwork and furniture, painted walls and wallpaper along with some colorful fabric accents. For those who wish for their kitchen to reflect timelessness yet trendiness all at once - these visual inspirations should be kept in mind!

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To create a tranquil atmosphere in a home, many owners are making major investments to remodel their primary bathrooms. Replacing bulky bathtubs with mounted jets, increasing the size of showers, and even connecting adjacent rooms such as closets and dressing areas to the bathrooms can help turn any room into a spa-like oasis. Design schemes that combine luxury materials like marble or teak wood with modern fixtures give the bathroom an upscale feel while providing homeowners with all of the amenities they need for daily grooming and relaxation.


When designing a bathroom, style and color are both incredibly important. Transitions, contemporary, organic/natural and modern are just a few of the popular styles for bathrooms. Many designers like to rely on blues, greens, whites, grays and neutrals as the dominant colors to bring together elegance and balance in the room. However, it is important not to forget that the bathroom can be unique by adding small pops of bold color on vertical surfaces or even just art work. By doing this you can create interesting contrast while still maintaining an overall cohesive design to your room. Whether you go with natural or adventurous coloring, your bathroom can be stylish yet inviting.

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Modern Luxury Interior Design: Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Our design team gave us their professional opinion on what styles, colors, product features, materials, and technology will be popular in kitchen and bath designs for the next few years. According to our experts, people are wanting their homes to be more than just a place to live. Download our free guide for the inside scoop to help you make well-informed choices when planning your next project!

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